Monday, August 20, 2007

Resources to help reduce your carbon footprint

Some handy resources for getting started on using these tips and otherwise reducing your carbon footprint

To view an estimate of your carbon emissions using PG&E's carbon footprint calculator visit

For information on the Kyoto protocol visit

Check out Green Emotor for cool-looking, environmentally friendly scooters at

To stop receiving ValPak coupons fill out the form online at

TreeGivers is a green gift alternative. The company plants a tree in honor of any special occasion/person, to be planted in the county, state or country of your choice.

According to, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the best setting for your air conditioner. Initially setting the temperature very low does not cool your house faster, just uses more energy.

For more information on Energy Star appliances visit

Go green and support the troops! Cell phones for Soldiers used cell phones and uses the money to send pre-paid calling cards to overseas soldiers. 800.426.1031;

Reusable cloth tote bags made from Ecospun® (post-consumer, recycled plastic soda bottles) or unbleached, 100 percent cotton canvas are at All of their bags are made in the USA and can be printed with any logo.

Use a water filter to reduce plastic water bottles. Compare prices and features of water filters at