Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Step #2 of Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Step #2 is a tough one for us...

2. BIKE TO WORK It's about integrating alternative modes of transportation into your life where it's appropriate. If you have to take the kids or the car, fine. If everyone can switch to bikes or feet for just a few of their weekly trips that will make a huge difference in our collective carbon footprint.

I work from home. No commute required. The only carbon footprint I leave is my electricity usage and the food that I consume.

Catherine drives to work. She is the leader of her carpool. While the carpool could take public transportation, they choose not too.

I did call each of the direct mail catalogues we received in the mail. We have been getting two Pottery Barn pieces every time they come out with a new issue (which is about every week). I let their customer service department know that we do a majority of our shopping online and the catalogue didn't do anything for us. We were quickly removed. I also removed our name from some random yoga clothing place that we will never buy anything from via the mail.

Removing our names from these three pieces of mail took about 3 minutes. It was really easy. Every unsolicited piece of mail that we receive I plan on getting off of their list. If we can be 'junk mail free' within a few weeks, our-carbon-footprint would be reduced.