Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check Out for Environmentally Sound Vehicles is LIVE!!!

Changing the World, One Car at a Time is proud to be a part of a socially responsible mission to help bring environmentally sound vehicles to market while assisting auto dealers in their sales efforts. The EarthCars mission is simple, make it easy and "cool" to drive earth-friendly transportation while proving to the auto industry that it is a viable business model to sell these vehicles to our people.

Who are we?

For the most part, we are Vermonters that have grown up or moved here to experience the clean air, wonderful mountains and the gorgeous lakes with our friends and families. Our company,, is based in the nation's #1 rated green city, Burlington, VT, and was born inside a small used car dealership called EarthCars. In 1994 the EarthCars dealership was founded with the focus on selling recycled, fuel efficient vehicles. By 1997, after having won several awards for its approach in selling these earth-friendly vehicles, EarthCars had become a local favorite to Vermonters due to its no sales-person approach and unique use of the internet to showcase inventory. In 1998, after over 1 year of research and testing its internet marketing solution, EarthCars decided to start an all new company that would soon become, a leader in automotive web marketing solutions in the USA. It is with great pride that we at bring you the all new, fully-revived and more earth-friendly than ever, website. We all hope you will join us to Be Cool. Drive Green.™